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metal bookcase / metal kitchen shelves / metal hanger-wardrobe / frameless wooden door / wooden rocking chair with cnc cutting and rope / metal table with wood / metal coffee table / metal coffee table with cement / metal table with old concrete tiles / “city skyline” metal hanger with laser cut


acrylic (plexiglas) trays with printed illustrations for the Benaki Museum Shop / acrylic (plexiglas) trays with printed illustrations of listed buildings / various cities (Paris, New York, Berlin, etc)


acrylic (plexiglas) coasters with printed architecture designs  / acrylic (plexiglas) trays with engraved architecture designs  / metal coasters (laser cute) with designs inspired by old tiles


light frames "Athens by night" (52X42cm) / wood and metal luminaires with laser cut in New York design / wood and acrylic (plexiglas) luminaires with printed illustrations of various cities (Paris, New York, Berlin, L.A.,etc)